Antibacterial Drugs and Chinese Medicine

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Antibacterial drugs are a major contributor to the massive increase in lifespan during the twentieth century. They have also been incredibly controversial. Paradoxically being some of the safest drugs in the entire pharmacopeia and causing life-threatening allergies, secondary infections, and resistance. This is a fascinating category of drugs that are widely used by our patients with lots of implications and interactions with Chinese medicine. This seminar examines this class of drugs and, by necessity, discusses various types of bacteria. Within each class of antibacterials, we will look at other functions, red flag issues, mechanisms of action, adverse effects, and any potential interactions. Chinese medical practitioners often have very strong feelings about antibiotics, this course will challenge and support a lot of commonly held beliefs and help us be better practitioners for our patients.

Course Goals

A participant will be able to:

  1. Understand how antibacterial drugs and herbs interact
  2. Identify the most common antibacterial drugs with potential for drug-herb interactions
  3. Explore how major antibacterial drugs act on the body
  4. Protect oneself from potential medico-legal issues arising from interactions
  5. Understand the basics of bacterial microbiology.