Picture of evil's Claw-Harpagophytum_procumbens

Devil’s Claw

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Devil’s claw is our first herb from Africa. It is supposed to help aches and pains, joints, and digestive complaints among many other uses. We will be looking at the history of this herb, what it is supposed to treat, and the science behind it. And for something a little different, we will be looking at sustainability of herbs in the world. I was actually quite surprised by this herb and it will probably change how I recommend herbs to many of my patients. Find out why…

Every other week an exciting new episode of the Sperb’s Herbs podcast is recorded. Each episode covers another Chinese or world herb or formula and will go into great depth about it. Besides covering the basics of Chinese herbology including category, and functions, we will explore the history, quality, science, pharmacology, evidence, and any potential interactions of each herb. And then there is always something a little quirky about an episode. Whether that is a unique story or an interesting perspective, there will always be something different to learn about each episode’s herb.

Course Goals

A participant will be able to:

  1. Comprehend basic, traditional, and bio- medical information about Devil’s Claw
  2. Converse about the current scientific evidence about the uses, dangers, and effectiveness of Devil’s Claw
  3. Understand the history of Devil’s Claw, especially in the context of its tradition and its modern discovery
  4. Understand and prevent any potential drug-herb interactions

Picture attribution: Muséum de Toulouse, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons