Supercharging your Practice Marketing!

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Most of us are trying to increase our practice. And most of us have had courses in school and looked at various marketing information from many sources. This isn’t a course that will give you a bunch of tips and “tricks” to increase your practice. This course will look at a holistic way to market your practice and how to set up systems to make it easy and effective. We will start with pre-marketing questions and how to look at your unique selling proposition (USP) and target market. After that, we look at pre-clinical marketing and how to get patients in the door, how to use the internet, and how to get our new patients excited about coming. Once they are in the clinic, marketing doesn’t stop and we will set up in-clinic marketing to keep your new patient and market other products and services. Finally, we will look at post-clinic marketing and how to make sure our patients keep coming back to us and refer others, not to mention help us get great reviews to boost our internet marketing efforts. By pursuing these marketing efforts in a planned and systematic way, your practice can’t help but grow!

Course Goals

A participant in this course will be able to:

  1. Understand various marketing terms and strategies
  2. Develop their personal unique selling proposition and marketing plan to support it
  3. Apply marketing techniques in a systematic and practical way that requires minimal effort and provides maximal efficacy