The Basics of Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine

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Basic pharmacology helps us to treat our patients by understanding the drugs they are taking and how they work and can affect Chinese medical treatments. In addition, these concepts also help us better understand and apply our Chinese herbs and other supplements. We will be exploring key concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, which explains how drugs affect the human body. This is a foundation for understanding how pharmaceuticals and Chinese herbs move through and work on the human body. We will be emphasizing the ADME scheme and setting the stage for a discussion of predicting drug-herb interactions.

This seminar is based on my book published by Blue Poppy: Integrative Pharmacology, Combining modern pharmacology and Chinese medicine written with Bob Flaws. It is the first in series of courses leading to a certificate in Drug-Herb Interaction Expert.

Course Goals

A participant will:

  1. Understand the basics of pharmacokinetics including the ADME scheme, and pharmacodynamics
  2. Identify the general mechanisms of action for drugs and herbs
  3. Apply basic pharmacological concepts to Chinese herbs