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Treating Neck and Back Pain with Chinese Medicine Live 3-6-22 1pm

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By far the most common conditions most acupuncturists treat are neck and back pain. And most acupuncturists do a really good job at it. This course takes an integrative approach to treating these conditions and will expand our diagnostic and treatment acumen. It will look at how to ask questions to solicit diagnostic details, conduct a thorough acupuncture-centric exam, develop appropriate and effective treatment protocols, and properly document all of it. No matter if you are new to treating these conditions or an expert at it, you will learn something new and interesting.

Support Materials

TS13 - Treating Neck and Back Pain Slides


Approach to Low Back Pain Physical Exam - Stanford Medicine 25

Cervical Spine Examination | Practical Clinical Examination Skills

Tests For Examination of the  Lower  Back  - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim


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