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Why (Not How) Do Herbs Work?

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We generally know how herbs work either from Chinese or scientific theory or a combination of both. But why do they work? What in the history of plants, animals, and evolution created the benefits of these healthy little bundles? This lecture will examine these questions, in a mind-opening and scientific (but not overwhelming) approach, by exploring Gaia theory, hormesis and xenohormesis, planetary autopoiesis, DNA and epigenetics, and Plant–Human Coalitions. This will be a logical and philosophical exploration of herbs, why and how co-evolution has played a role in their effectiveness.

Course Goals

A participant in this course will be able to:

  1. Understand basic scientific theories that play a role in herb effectiveness such as Gaia theory, coherent coupling, and hormesis and xenohormesis.
  2. To communicate to patients about the origins and reasons for herb effectiveness
  3. Use herbs with different theoretical basis to increase their potential effectiveness