Live Acupuncture CEUs

On the table below, Saturday courses are on the left and Sunday courses on the right. Just click on the name of the course to see more information about it.

All times are Pacific Standard Time

Upcoming Live Courses

SaturdayTimeCourse SundayTimeCourse
January 23, 20211-4pmPsychiatric Drugs and Chinese MedicineJanuary 24, 20211-3pmTreating Fibromyalgia with Chinese Medicine
January 30, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon Twig Decoction)January 31, 20211-4pmFive Elements of Medical Ethics
February 6, 20211-3pmCentral Nervous System Drugs and Chinese MedicineFebruary 7, 20211-3pmTreating High Cholesterol with Chinese Medicine
February 13, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - Bo He (Mint)February 14, 20211-4pmNine Drugs and Ten Herbs to Worry About
February 20, 20211-4pmCardiac Drugs and Chinese MedicineFebruary 21, 20211-4pmSupercharging your Practice Marketing!
February 27, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - BlackberryFebruary 28, 20211-4pmTreating Neck and Back Pain with Chinese Medicine
March 6, 20211-3pmEndocrine Drugs and Chinese MedicineMarch 7, 20211-3pmTreating Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Chinese Medicine
March 13, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - Tian Men Dong (Asparagus Tuber)March 14, 20211-3pmWhy (Not How) Do Herbs Work?
March 20, 20211-3pmRespiratory Drugs and Chinese MedicineMarch 21, 20211-3pmChinese Herbal First Aid Kit
March 27, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - Er Chen Tang (Two Aged Herb Decoction)March 28, 20211-3pmProtecting Yourself Through Proper Charting
April 3, 20211-3pmGastrointestinal Drugs and Chinese MedicineApril 4, 20211-4pmTreating Eczema and Psoriasis with Chinese Medicine
April 10, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs - Da Suan (Garlic)April 11, 20211-4pmNine Drugs and Ten Herbs to Worry About
April 17, 20211-4pmAntibacterial Drugs and Chinese MedicineApril 18, 20211-3pmInterpreting Chinese Medical Research
April 24, 20211-2pmSperb's Herbs – Devil’s ClawApril 25, 20211-4pmThe Five Elements of Acupuncture Medical Ethics