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Chinese Herbal First Aid Kit

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Chinese Herbal First Aid Kit

We should be empowering our patients to help themselves. What better way to do that than give them info for having Chinese herbal formulas in their medicine cabinet to help with minor medical conditions. In this course, we will look at relatively easy to find prepared herbal medicines everyone should have in their medical cabinet. We we discuss the conditions they treat, how to use them, and any cautions. As a bonus, each participant will receive a free copy of the upcoming ebook (when available): “Dragons in the Medicine Cabinet, Chinese Herbal Medicines Everyone Should Have at Home.”

Conditions covered include, but are not limited to, colds, bleeding, burns, digestive complaints, headaches, and sinusitis.

Course Goals

A participant in this course will be able to:

  1. Understand Chinese herbal preparations used in first aid and common medical conditions
  2. Communicate with their patients about commonly used Chinese herbal preparations
  3. Comprehend the cautions and contraindications of the discussed medicinals

This is California Acupuncture Board (CAB) Category 1 distance education course. For NCCAOM, this course is a core (AOM-CH) PDA. This course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM for2 hours of continuing education and PDAs. For further information, please contact Dr. Greg Sperber, CAB CEU Provider #1349, NCCAOM PDA Provider #166669, at DrGreg@integrativemedicinecouncil.org or (619) 881-0029.

Refund Policy: This course may be downloaded as soon as purchased and therefore no refunds are possible.



17 reviews for Chinese Herbal First Aid Kit

  1. Joyce

    Greg was knowledgeable, interesting, and invited participation. I will definitely take more of his classes.


    Thank you so much for your course! It was a great review as well as a reminder of some formulas I haven’t used or remembered to use as much. Thank you for clarifying small details as well. Loved your enthusiasm, timing, and organization as well! Much Gratitude.

  3. Brenda

    Down to earth, friendly and extremely versed in his topic. He was respectful to all participants, answered questions and let people speak when they wanted, without causing a huge distraction to the class. I look forward to taking more classes from him.

  4. Barbara

    The course information was great. I was impressed with his knowledge but the lecture needs editing,too much information to cover in 2 hours.

  5. Sheila

    Well organized presention. Lots of very useful information. I enjoyed the class. Although there was a lot of information the instructor was able to cover it and still have time to answer questions.

  6. Melissa

    It was great

  7. Margaret

    I was hoping to see more clinical evidence vs anecdotal evidence however I understand clinical evidence us incredibly limited

  8. Patricia

    Great course. Just wish some of the formulas were easier to access. I might need to snoop around chinatown this spring!

  9. Teresa

    Would have hoped for more detailed presentation on the Aches and Pain section: or topicals – this is an area I do not inow much about and it seems important. But, as per the seminar, try products until I find what works best for the condition(s).
    I think that li zhi hao can be used as pinyin for Ajuga forrestii Diels ( a Yunnan Baiyao constituent) and in this case indications will be found. I felt a need to look this up and by doing this noticed that Fratkin and this presenter used san yu cao.
    I felt that a lost of the products are not from my usual sources and would have appreciated more of a heads up on getting them – I hesitate to order just one product from a company because shipping then becomes more of a significant matter. I guess I use Mayway and TCM Zone and these TCMZone has few of what was discussed. So…. I don’t know if it is ethical to include the sources for purchasing the specific products mentioned.

  10. janette

    I enjoyed this class alot. I will update my first aid kit accordingly

  11. Rebecca

    Very useful overview, including good general reminders for contraindications and brief comparison of common formulas. Cheerful and engaging speaker, keeps things moving, includes personal clinic experience, and always willing to answer questions.

  12. Christine

    Lots of practical information. Great job. Thank you for sharing your herbal and western medicine information. I really enjoyed your course.

  13. Shannon

    Dr. Greg seems to have a big heart and a love for sharing Chinese Medicine.

  14. Joe

    It was very well presented. He’s always very amiable. Not full of himself like too many TCM self important

  15. Jennifer

    I think it would be great to structure it in a way that Acupuncturists could then pass along to clients. Wouldn’t it be great if we spread the word like that?!

  16. Christy

    This course was awesome. I will be putting his name on my list of instructors to follow. Very clear, willing to discuss and enjoyed the way he presented the material!

  17. Stephanie

    So many helpful tips, very well organized and digestible information. Thank you!!!

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