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Endocrine Drugs and Chinese Medicine Live 2-13-22 1pm pst


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Endocrine Drugs and Chinese Medicine

This seminar explores drugs used tot treat several common conditions in the population and in acupuncturist offices. These include thyroid conditions, diabetes (both type I and II), as well as auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. In addition to drugs to treat these conditions, we will also be exploring drugs used to treat the pituitary and inhibitors of adrenocorticoids. After a review of the hypothalamus and pituitary and their hormones, each of the endocrine organs and their hormones will look at for practical implications in modern medicine. Herb-drug and acupuncture-drug interactions will be explored for each type of drug. If you treat any of these conditions, and/or tumors and cancers affecting the thyroid, pituitary, or adrenals, this is a must attend seminar.

This course will be presented on Saturday, February 12, 2022, from 1-3pm via live webinar.

Course Goals

A participant will be able to:

  1. Understand how endocrine drugs and herbs interact
  2. Identify the most common endocrine drugs with potential for drug-herb interactions
  3. Explore how major endocrine drugs act on the body
  4. Protect oneself from potential medico-legal issues arising from interactions

This is California Acupuncture Board (CAB) Category 1 live education course. For NCCAOM, this course is a 2 hour safety PDAs. This course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM for 2 hours of continuing education and PDAs. For further information, please contact Dr. Greg Sperber, CAB CEU Provider #1349, NCCAOM PDA Provider #166669, at DrGreg@integrativemedicinecouncil.org or (619) 881-0029.

Refund Policy: A refund request can be made up to seven days before the scheduled webinar and a full refund will be offered. Within a week of the seminar, cancellations will refund half the cost of the webinar.

Picture information:

Credit: Muscles of the neck: front view from below. Coloured drawing, 18–. Credit: Wellcome CollectionAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


Centre, the trachea, painted blue, and the thyroid gland, painted yellow

[between 1800 and 1899]

1 drawing (album fol. 15r) : pen and ink, with watercolour ; sheet approximately 38 x 28 cm

Wellcome Library no. 678500i


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